Ethos International Limited

WebShop is part of Ethos International Limited. WebShop creates websites and promotes online trade. was registered in 1996. With the opening on the .nz namespace in 2015, came into existence.

After twenty years working and consulting internationally to promoting ICTs, developing and implementing online systems, WebShop is here in Christchurch.

The Internet continues to grow as the backbone of the information age. In the last twenty years online technologies have evolved like manufacturing during the industrial revolution. What took 200 years then, has happened on the web in 20.

With increasingly sophisticated demands, people expect more, more easily. We trust more to the Internet and expect the web just to work.

We've moved on from small brochure-ware websites to a connected cloud computing world with instant mobile access, on demand media, social networking, sophisticated monitoring, online trading and banking.


WebShop has the experience to understand the requirements of online business. We can help you get online with your product catalogue quickly and efficiently. We know how to avoid the pitfalls.

Gone are the days when every website update meant a request to a web business. There was a time when every web developer created and locked clients into their own content management system. 

WebShop won't do that. Today the smartest choice for most business websites is a mature and tested content management platform. We recommend WordPress and WooCommerce with our tested stack of extensions.

These proven solutions are suitable for most but not all business websites. No matter what your requirements are WebShop can advise. Get in contact for a no obligation consultation. 



Webshop Web Suite:

The WebShop Web Suite is powerful, proven and cost effective. These are the major features:

  • html5 web design that pops.
  • Mobile ready – perfect for Google SEO
  • Manage your content using the world number one Content Management System – WordPressPage and blog management.
  • Customisable Contact/Inquiry forms
  • Custom forms - use the form build or embed Google forms
  • Integration with Facebook & Twitter
  • Emailing list sign ups / Mailchimp integration
  • Newsletter management
  • Sophisticated Ecommerce solution - multiple product display, payment, shipping & delivery options
  • Extendable - add new features as your online needs grow
  • Event management solutions
  • Live Event Online Streaming
  • Product and portrait photography
  • Video production

WebShop custom development

We recommend WordPress because we know WordPress is the fastest, most cost effective way to deliver you results quickly.  However, we have a wealth of experience developing custom solutions. If your business or organisation requirements are more complex then talk to us. We can help.